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Brand Protection – Anti-counterfeiting – Tamper Evidence with Hologram Labels

The most critical part of brand protection is the outright counterfeiting of products, and counterfeiting has become a significant problem. Counterfeit products pose a real threat to consumers, companies’ brand reputations, and revenue. To combat this issue, companies have turned to the use of hologram labels as an effective anti-counterfeiting measure.

We create custom hologram labels using advanced technology that produces a three-dimensional image. This makes it virtually impossible for counterfeiters to replicate, as the hologram image can contain many elements, some of which are hidden and invisible to the human eye. Our hologram labels can be customized with unique design elements, including logos, colors, and patterns.

One of the fantastic benefits of hologram labels is their tamper-evident feature, we can offer fully destructible, honey-comb, or void tamper-evident foils. These holographic security labels are designed in such a way that it’s immediately apparent if they have been tampered with. Any attempt to remove or alter the security hologram sticker will result in visible evidence of tampering.

The use of a holographic security label is not limited to any specific industry or product type. They can be used on a variety of surfaces, such as plastics, paper, and metals, making them an ideal solution for different products. They can also be used on small or large products, making them ideal for anything from pharmaceuticals to automobiles. We believe hologram labels offer a cost-effective extra layer of security in the fight against counterfeiting and increased brand protection.

Our hologram labels help prevent against substitution of products or against counterfeiting of products, below are a few of the security features that your security hologram sticker can contain.

Security Features:

  • Tamper evident Labels (void/pattern release/destructible)
  • Invisible UV
  • Coin Reactive
  • Pen Reactive
  • Thermo-Reactive
  • CLR Hidden Image
  • CLR Hidden Text
  • Scratch off Hologram

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Hologram labels are the premier choice for product security.

Please visit our parent company, security-label.co.uk if you are looking for variable data security labels or asset labels including barcodes, serial numbers, custom text, and company logos. We recommend you view our partner company security-label.co.uk – Click Here for more information. Labels are available in a range of both tamper-evident and non-tamper-evident materials, with a full bespoke design service to ensure you receive the *hologram labels* you want! Low minimum orders and FAST turnaround.